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  • 7 Dec

    A Lesson in Choosing your Realtor

    My name is Allan Mark Angell, and I have been a realtor since 1972. I have received every award available to a realtor including the status of #1 Realtor in Canada, #1 in Vancouver and #1 in West Vancouver, where I have sold 4200 homes – the most of any realtor in the area.  With that background, I feel qualified to advise people on real estate.

    Let me introduce you to the Crabtree family.  The father, Bob, is a successful business man.  The wife, Betty, is a homemaker loved by all, and she has spent her life making her family and friends happy.  They have two kids:  Archie, aged 8, and Veronica, aged 14.  It’s time for the family to move.

    “Well Betty, it’s time to choose a realtor,” states Bob.  “We could use our friend, Rudy, who is a realtor now and who works for that company whose logo is a balloon.  They have offices all over North America; maybe they will have a number of clients.”

    Betty says to Bob, “I understand what you are saying, but this is our biggest investment and Rudy is a new realtor.  As for his office, I happen to know that each office is independently owned and separate from each other.  It is my understanding that when a realtor refers a client across the country, they don’t care which company they work for, as all agents pay a referral fee to each other.  They simply want the best realtor in the area because this gives the realtor the best chance to receive a referral fee.” Betty looks at Bob, “I want the best agent working for me and not working for the buyers.”

    “You’re probably right,” says Bob.  “I have gone through the real estate papers and I believe these are the top five realtors in our area.  I think we should have all five in, get a price from each, and try to work a deal on their commissions.  I am sure once all five have seen the house, one of them will surely have a buyer and, Bob’s your uncle, the deal is done.”

    Betty smiles, “Well Bob, I’m sure you may be right, but I heard a story about a family having the top seven realtors in for a presentation, where they all showed their fancy brochures and selling stats, and one was picked.  After signing the MLS, the owner reportedly stated that due to the top realtors seeing the home, it would sell quickly. The chosen realtor smiled and stated that that would not happen, due to the fact that the price gets higher as more realtors are asked in. Also, by giving it to one realtor, you are basically telling the others that they are not acceptable as your realtor.  Apparently, the listing lasted for six months, and none of the other top realtors ever showed the home.  Another fact is that the other realtors have their own over-priced listings they are unable to sell.  Remember dear, successful realtors have large egos and fancy brochures, and photos don’t sell houses.”

    “Okay, Betty,” he says.  “Let’s choose this realtor, he works in the area and has over 50 listings.”

    “Oh Bob, do I have to do everything?  I have been watching the paper for a long time; most of his listings have been on that market forever.  It is obvious he overprices just to get the listing.  In fact, my friend Ruth told me about a realtor who could price a house without seeing it.  Apparently, Ruth called another realtor who was on vacation; he could not see the home, but he asked who Ruth had in to appraise the house.  Ruth gave him the name of the realtor you just chose.  He then gave Ruth the price and stated he didn’t need to see the home, as he knows how this other realtor sets his prices:  list high to get the listing.  Then he gave Ruth the names of two different realtors from different offices who, once called in, confirmed the lower price.  Of course, Ruth ignored the lower price and gave it to the highest pricing realtor.  After seven months, the home sold for a price even lower than the lowest price given.  This apparently happened because the beginning price was too high.  Once the realtor suggests a price, it is difficult for him to say he was wrong and that we should lower the price.”

    “Okay, whom would you choose?” asks Bob.

    “Well, dear, it is my feeling that we need a realtor with an ego, a realtor who loves to negotiate, a deal-closer.  Any realtor can sell our home, but who can get us the best price?  Let’s pick a realtor and tell him that we want an honest price, so we are not calling in any other realtor.  We will accept his price, but we would like to challenge him to show us that he can get us a little bit more.  I have been told that often even the realtors are surprised and get more money than they expect.”

    “And who might that be?” asks Bob.

    “It is very simple,” says his wife, “that realtor is Allan Mark Angell of Angell Hasman Realty.  He is the realtor that Ruth called while on vacation.  He obviously knows realtors and real estate.  He will get us the best price.”

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